Full Name
Chris Silva
Job Title
Executive Director - Technology

Chris joined WPVI-TV as the Executive Director of Technology in January, 2019, with over 20 years of experience in media and technology. This October marks 8 years that Chris has worked for the Walt Disney Company at one of the ABC Owned Television Stations. Contributing to his success in his current role is his breadth of previous work experience as a director, editor, producer, audio engineer, lighting designer, integrator, IT admin, and graphic designer. 

In his 4 years at WPVI, Chris has overseen major transformational change of all technical staff, facilities, workflows. Legacy broadcast engineering, news engineering and IT departments have been combined to form one, agile Technology department, driving efficiency and fostering an environment of creativity through shared knowledge and synergy. 

Chris believes that the key to being successful in our ever-changing business is a desire to constantly learn and grow. Throughout Chris’s technical career, he has been able further hone his passion and desire for knowledge which now includes effective leadership, organizational transformation and development, and conflict resolution through active listening and intentional communication. As a result, Chris is currently working toward his BA/MA in Organizational Leadership. 

Chris strives for excellence in everything he does with a focus on communication, team building, fostering an environment that breeds creativity through teamwork and diversity, and working to ensure that the people that he, and his department, serve have a positive experience with the technology they use every day. In a constantly evolving technology sphere, Chris continues to work to ensure that his team in Technology embraces the core principles of clarity, unity, and agility while delivering “Service With A Smile.”

Chris and his wife, Laura, have two children, Isabel, 7, and Robert “Robby” Ernesto Silva who just arrived recently on August 30th, 2022.

Chris Silva