Full Name
Peter Wehner
Job Title
Vice President of Engineering
Mobile TV Group

Peter Wehner is the Vice President of Engineering at Mobile TV Group (MTVG). He has 20 years of engineering experience and leads the company’s team of engineers in evolving and expanding their technology solutions. During his time at MTVG, Wehner has overseen the company’s implementation of dual feeds, the integration of Super Slow-mo across all of its mobile units, and the design, execution and rollout of the first 4K mobile unit offerings. Additionally, Wehner helped to oversee the implementation of MTVG’s Cloud Control solution, enabling broadcasters to access full production capabilities remotely in 2020. As a member of the senior leadership, Wehner oversees all aspects of the company’s engineering functions to facilitate alignment with its broader goals and objectives. Wehner is responsible for expanding the company’s strategic technology development and implementation.

Peter Wehner