Full Name
Joshua Weiss
Job Title
Co-Founder & CEO
Nexus Connect

Joshua is the Co-Founder and CEO of ARK Multicasting and Nexus Connect. ARK is the largest unencumbered broadcast internet network in the US covering 1/3rd of the population with wireless spectrum infrastructure. Josh has led the transformation of his 30-year-old family business to the forefront of 5G and edge computing. Through a joint venture with Gaian Solutions, Nexus Connect has combined the Mobius intelligent platform of Gaian with the broadcast internet network of ARK enabling endless disruptive opportunities of services and platforms of all kinds and extending those opportunities to others. Through Nexus Connect, partners of infrastructure, technology, content, experience providers, and marketplace operators can harvest new opportunities that AI digital transformation brings in unprecedented ways. Joshua is a published author, award-winning television producer, and broadcast industry leader. He has an MA in strategic communications and is a Ph.D. candidate in communications at Regent University.

Joshua Weiss