Thursday, November 16, 2023
12:00 PM - 12:05 PM (EST)

Welcoming Remarks

Tom Butts
12:05 PM - 12:25 PM (EST)

Keynote | What Does 2024 Portend for Broadcasters?

As CTO for Gray TV—the nation's second largest TV station group—David Burke has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends in TV tech. In this keynote, we will discuss Gray's strategy when it comes to ensuring the broadcast industry's competitiveness in an increasingly crowded media landscape.

Tom Butts David Burke
12:30 PM - 1:10 PM (EST)

New Tech for the Next Generation of News and Sports

This panel will focus on the latest developments in technologies designed to help news and sports productions stand out from the crowd. Discussions will center around the differences and similarities between covering news and sports as well as the production technologies and best practices to optimize coverage to help reduce costs while maximizing workflows. Learn more about the cameras, ENG systems, studio control, graphics, newsroom and streaming technologies that go into the process of producing the kind of content that will boost audiences in 2024 and beyond.

George Winslow Ernie Ensign Joshua Knapp Quinn Pacini
1:15 PM - 1:55 PM (EST)

Using the Cloud, AI and IP to Streamline Operations in 2024

This panel will look at how new cloud-based technologies, artificial intelligence and IP infrastructures are transforming operations, allowing stations, networks and streaming operations to quickly capitalize on market trends and deliver more content to more platforms. It will pay particular attention to the impact these technologies have on video production, automation, infrastructures and distribution.

Phil Kurz Peter Abecassis Kevin Callahan Geeter Kyrazis Anjali Midha David Rosen
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM (EST)

Turning NextGen TV into a Real Business

With NextGen TV, a.k.a. ATSC 3.0, being widely deployed around the country, this panel will focus on the technologies and steps that broadcasters need to make in order to turn 3.0 broadcasts into mass market audiences and profits. Our experts will discuss the most promising business models, the impact of 5G Broadcast and related topics that will help local broadcasters realize the potential of NextGen TV.

Phil Kurz Todd Achilles Marc Hand David Tice Joshua Weiss
2:45 PM - 3:25 PM (EST)

What’s New in Remote Production and 5G

Remote production has gone from an emergency technology solution during the pandemic to a standard, widely used operational technology poised to have an even greater impact on the industry as faster 5G connections and increased coverage become more widely available. This panel will focus on what is next in remote productions, the impact of 5G, and the newest products that can reduce costs, and improve collaboration to help media enterprises to boost production for new services.

Tom Butts Gary Adcock Ling Ling Sun Gary Olson
3:30 PM - 4:10 PM (EST)

Building More Diverse Tech Teams

As the media industry competes with IT operations for tech professionals, the pressure is on to not only recruit younger talent, but to draw from a wider pool of diverse candidates. In this panel we’ll talk with media industry HR professionals and executives at local stations to discuss how they’ve worked to attract new tech talent to strengthen news and tech operations.

George Winslow Nikki Bethel Michelle Duke James Ragsdale
4:15 PM - 4:35 PM (EST)

Keynote | M&E Tech: What's Hype, What's Real?

Join us as we talk with one of the television industry’s most respected tech experts about the latest trends in media & entertainment. With decades of experience in the video industry and someone who has never shied from sharing his unique perspective, Mark Schubin will help us look beyond the hype and focus on what works, what doesn’t and what could in today’s media production market.

Tom Butts Mark Schubin
4:35 PM - 4:40 PM (EST)

Closing Remarks

Tom Butts
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